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Site Moving.

Silverspar a posted May 14, 13
For those not in the know, the sites moving. You can find our new home over here;
This is to let all members, both current and present, know, that there will be a guild purge on Friday, May 17th. All guild characters in excess of 1 year off time will be removed. Other characters will be handled on a case by case basis. Once these purges happen, guild recruitment will be re-opened on the following Monday (May 20th), and anyone wishing to join The Black Wolves will need to submit an application to the guild to do so.

The forums have been purged, re-organized and made slimmer. At this time, there are no plans to increase their size past what is available. Furthermore, the shoutbox has also been purged to aid with new people the ability to see what is actually current instead of 2 years worth of outdated shouts.

Once everything has been handled, the guild will resume operating procedures and be using a closed recruitment practice, as the guild will be aimed at being more tight knit instead of opening the doors to anyone who is looking for a +5% Exp Bonus.

One last thing, the guild bank has been activated. For members, there currently is no policy on money in the bank (though I do wish there was a tithing system). Donations are voluntary, but I do ask that people do donate so repair bills and costs can be kept in line. The guild ranks will probably be changed on more of a merit system as well.

Until then,

This is to head up the fact that users are currently being removed that have been inactive and recruitment is currently being paused until everything is re-organized and set up for better use. Things will probably be trimmed and stream lined. The over all view of the guild is create a tight knit group, not a large one, that RPs, does flashpoints and has eventual goals together. Once these things are hashed out recruitment will be re-opened but much stricter.

Re-Opening the Wolves

Silverspar a posted May 5, 13
I won't say it will happen immediately and I won't say it will happen soon, but there is plans in the work to re-open The Black Wolves, maybe still in TOR or possibly as a multi-game thing (though I am leery of that last bit). I am still going through rough patches with my life, including a recent family death. I know it's out of the blue considering the current, "How the hell could you" syndrome considering how inactive I've left things.

But, as it stands, the guild as a whole will be aimed at being more tight knit. No more fighting to be the biggest of the big or having lots of members, I want the guild to have reliability and people in it that want to do things together, including RP, dungeons and so forth. Means I will be knuckling down more and probably be less casual friendly than I have been before in the past.

These are things that will happen eventually, but right now I still have things to take care of.
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