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Recruitment is now open

Silverspar a posted May 9, 14
The site is now open to recruitment as well as a public place for those who wish to use the forums to discuss things. Even though anyone can sign up to use our forums, you are still required to follow our forum rules and policies.

As noted in the previous news update, the site ads will remain until the guild itself is larger and I see that removing them would actually be a necessity for better features and information. As it currently stands the site is mostly a place for the forums, and that's about it, and extras are luxuries that can be handled in game.

Pardon the Mess.

Silverspar a posted Apr 30, 14
Currently the site is undergoing massive renovations as it is set up for guild use within The Elder Scrolls Online. The guild exists in the Ebonheart Pact on the North American servers. If you are interested in joining, be sure to contact me @Silverspar, through email or PMs, and we will discuss your addition to the guild.

As the site is aimed with community properties, the main forums are open to all who want to be visitors to the forum and looking for a place to crash. So come on in and have fun. It's going to be a bit of time before things get back in order and probably won't be seeing the ads removed any time soon unless you choose to help with that, as the guild isn't large enough to warrant that much expense at this time.
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