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Alright, it has been a bit of time since I've actually bothered to write anything major, but here are the basics to go over. First of all, after long talk with the few returning people to the guild, it seems to be a major consensus that most of us would prefer to go to the Imperial side of the game. We started as a Republic guild at the launch, and that guild is not moving anywhere. That guild will always be there to house Republic alts for people who want to go over there and see the stories and events but don't want to deal with random guild invites, but don't expect a lot to be done with said guild.

Now, onto the major part of said news; The Imperial Guild. The guilds name is pretty much similar but different from the Black Wolves guild name. The Imperial guild is called The Shadow Wolves. Like The Black Wolves, The Shadow Wolves will be a light RP guild aimed at doing flashpoints, operations and PvP. The difficulty we choose will always be dependent on the members but we will not be a progression guild.

The first priority is actually getting the guild bank set up and I mean more than just one slot. It's going to be time consuming but once we have something all members can use and we have things to provide safe storage for others, then things will be in motion for the next step which is of course a guild stronghold.

Anyways, as things stand the current guild ranks have been updated on the site to reflect The Shadow Wolves ranking system which is pretty simplistic rankings; Recruit, Member, Enforcer, Lieutenant, Officer and Lord Marshal. The rank of reservist is reserved for alt characters, of course or players that need to take a leave of absence.

Things are in motion and it will be sometime, but we shall have things set up hopefully sooner than later. If you have someone that wants to join the guild we will have a talk with them. Furthermore, be sure to ask me for a bronze key to my stronghold which is a temporary guild place until we can get the guild stronghold.

We will not be looking to be a huge guild, but we will looking for additional people and add new members as time permits.
Tis the season for furious action! We hope everyone has been enjoying Season 3 thus far and ready for more intense action as we get closer to the wire. Giradda and Baron Deathmark have once again graciously opened up their personal collection of antiques and prized possessions to honor the glorious entertainment you are obliged to offer!

Our goal is to get the rewards out to you, the PvPer wanting to best every opponent in the Arena of Death, sooner so you can hunker down and get to a’ slaughtering! Excitement begets excitement and we hope this gets your PvP juices furiously flowing.

Without further ado here is one of the Tier 1 rewards (an oft requested mount from our Reward Suggestion thread in the PvP Forums):

Above is just a taste of the rewards we are offering in Season 3. In addition to these rewards Giradda will be offering (but yet can’t show off) a new armor set, decoration trophies, a new weapon set, a unique color crystal and a Top 96 character reward!

We will be releasing more information about the ascetics and rating required for these rewards soon! Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy Season 3!

Happy Hunting!

The PvP Team
It has been a long time since SW:TOR was actually even on our radar, but after some initial playing around and humdrum about, we are finding our time there to be more interesting. The site here itself will be kept more of a simple state, only expanding as needed. We have goals, and are looking at widening things as we go.

The current plan is to, of course, get a guild cruiser, but that will take time and credits. Another thing on our list is to start doing 8 man operations starting with the basics and slowly making our way up the ladder so as the group can get its feet wet. And with the looming expansion, we will have plenty of time to do just that.

Anyways, for those that don't know, the second digital expansion for SW:TOR, Shadow of Revan, is releasing early December. You can pre-order it now and you will get the first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, added to your account for free, if you have not already purchased that before. Pretty good deal considering other companies out there.